How it works

How it works?

Photomarketing is one of the modern tools that allows you to increase loyalty to the product and brand recognition. The number of photos taken in minutes, and placing them on the Internet is increasing every day.

Mozaic is an easy to use and multifunctional platform that was created to help event organizers, marketers, photographers and event participants! How is this possible? With the help of computer vision and face recognition!

Imagine you are holding an event, an exhibition, a conference or a sports event. You have already collected hundreds of photos in a few hours. But what's next? To put them all in public access is not always the best option. And users are not always comfortable to look for photos with their participation. And what if there are thousands of photos?

Our platform will make a Face ID of the user at the first access and will recommend to post the photos with his participation upon finding them! Of course / And here are the goodies: all published photos will be given the same name as the event, with your hashtags and logos of your sponsors and partners =)